it started as a joke, became a project, was briefly an enigma and is now a basin to catch a frustrated deluge of creativity. like life itself, this site has evolved significantly since it was born from a conversation amongst friends in 2006.

it is not a portfolio, a skills test, a blog, journal, profile, social experiment or anything else that could be construed as something the “kids” are into these days.

though not inclusive list, the author enjoys: airplanes, archaeology, old books, bourbon, brooklyn, christmas lights, coffee, coney island, david carson, decatur street, freckles, grand central, jessica, peppermint, pixels, police cars, rain, running, september, shiny things, showers, talking to strangers, tequila, volkswagens, and zip drives.

incidentally, there is no way to contact the author. you don’t know them, and you probably never will.

you can find the previous incarnation of godhatesmyspace.com in it’s entirety from the “version1” section.

all content © copyright 2006-2009, and may not be reproduced, hot-linked, altered, or published, not even a little bit. move along, there’s no creative commons to see here.

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